Rabbi Rosenberg

Rabbi Dina Rosenberg
Rabbi Dina Rosenberg was welcomed as Rabbi of the Bay Ridge Jewish Center just a few months after her ordination from The Jewish Theological Seminary of America. While training to be a rabbi, Rabbi Rosenberg served many diverse congregations including Biloxi, MS and Watertown, NY. She also completed two 400-hour fellowships as a chaplain in hospitals located in Harlem and in Seattle, WA. After spending the last six years working in many diverse pulpits, chaplaincy, and educational environments, she is excited to finally be working at a place she can call home.
As a fellow Bay Ridge resident, Rabbi Rosenberg has already reached out and begun working with other local organizations to help better support our local community. A big proponent in volunteering her time, she has begun a monthly volunteer day for the BRJC that has already proven to be a success. Her passion for working with young children, thinking out-of-the-box and teaching makes her a good fit for the BRJC. As a lover of meditation, painting, and physical exercise, Rabbi Rosenberg looks forward to combining her passion for the arts with her love for Judaism.
Rabbi Rosenberg looks forward to deepening and strengthening her relationships with the members of Bay Ridge Jewish Center and is excited to welcome new individuals to help her reinvigorate this wonderful community.

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