Your donation, large or small is very important to us. Bay Ridge Jewish Center is supported by the generosity of friends and members like you.

Please consider honoring friends and relatives, commemorating important events in your life, and remembering a loved one with a donation to Bay Ridge Jewish Center. Donations can be made to our General Operating Fund or the specific targeted fund of your choice.
There are many ways and many reasons for giving to Bay Ridge Jewish Center. You can give a gift in memory of a loved one, in honor of someone who’s done something special, or to celebrate a birth or birthday, bar or bat mitzvah, anniversary, or just because you feel moved to do so. You can also direct your donations to any number of purposes.

Please send a check made payable to Bay Ridge Jewish Center and note to which fund you are contributing.  If you wish to pay online, please fill out the form below:

Building Fund

It is said in the Torah that the Temple is the place in which God resides. Today the building of BRJC is what allows us to continue to create a physical space for which Jews and God can come together to create community in Bay Ridge. The building fund helps to maintain our physical structure so it can be safe, reinforced, and will last for many more future generations!

Kitchen Fund

It is said the Kitchen is the heart of the home. Our spiritual home’s heart is ailing and in need of attention. A functioning kitchen would allow us to make healthy snacks for our Hebrew School children, provide food at meetings, and rent our ballroom for catered affairs. Our heart needs repair. Through your generous donations we can have our kitchen fully functional soon.  View our Kitchen Registry here!

Henry Aron Children’s Books and Scholarship Fund

Henry Aron was a Holocaust survivor who adored children and knew that they were the gateway to the future. We memorialize him by using these funds to provide Hebrew School scholarships and Jewish books for children.

Discretionary Fund

The Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund empowers the rabbi to financially support various needs at BRJC confidentially. This fund is used to help those in need (buying food, subway cards to get to food banks, help for leaving abusive environments etc). It is also used to buy additional children’s’ books and educational resources.

Chesed Fund

The Chesed Fund enables BRJC to provide meals and other services for the homebound and elderly throughout the year. This fund also helps fund workshops to impart skills for volunteers who would like to visit those in need.

Shabbat Kiddush Fund

After each Shabbat morning service, the community is invited to join together to share food, drink and friendship. Supplying a weekly lunch can be costly and we welcome any and all contributions to help us feed our souls. Please give freely and generously.

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