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Pay via Paypal or send checks made payable to Bay Ridge Jewish Center, 405 81st Street, Brooklyn, NY 11209.  *Payment plans are available for both payment options.  Please contact

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Have you ever wanted to delve further into your spiritual life? How about further explore if your secular values come into conflict with your religious/Jewish values? Or perhaps you want to discover how to study the Talmud or have a greater understanding of the process by which Jewish law is created.  Contact Rabbi Rosenberg if you have further questions.

Join us for a year of learning and creating meaning:  Mondays, 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Series 2 thru 4:  

2nd Series:

5. The December Years:  How do we cope with aging?  How do we prepare ourselves for dementia?  What types of teshuva (forgiveness) do we need to die without regret?

6.  The Balancing Act: Jewish wisdom on balancing work, play and family life: How can we access it from within our tradition?

 7. Israel: What is our role in Israel as American Jews?  What does it mean to us?   Our prayers versus reality.  How do we struggle with the lack of peace today?

8. Tragedy and the Jewish people: The Jewish people have confronted numerous tragedies throughout our long existence.  How have our people coped?  What can their reactions teach us about how to deal with tragedy in our own lives today?

 3rd Series:

9.  Modern values, Religious values – are they in conflict? The Maccabees saw Jewish values as antithetical to the secular values of their time.  Today, many fundamentalist religious people of all faiths preach the same message.  Do our secular values conflict with our Jewish ones?  What does it mean to live in a world in which we strive to balance the two?  How do we know when we’ve got a good balance?

 10. Problematic Texts: The Rape of Dina. How do we engage and make sense of problematic texts in our tradition?

11. Developing our own theology. What do we mean when we say God?  How does God act in our lives?

12.  Commandedness, Faith, Ritual and Intellectual honesty. How do we live as Jews?

 4th Series

13. Getting more out of your Passover experience. How can we make our holiday experiences more meaningful?  How do the Passover narratives translate into real lessons for our lives today?  What is going on in the middle of the Haggadah?

 14. Learning how to decipher and make meaning out of a Talmud text. Become familiar with a page of Talmud and enter the 2000 year old conversation.

 15. Responsas in the Conservative Movement – how does the Conservative Movement make its decisions on controversial issues? Why do some rabbi’s allow for organ donation, congregants to drive on Shabbat, or the use of electricity?  Explore the process by which these decisions are made.

16. Women in the Talmud. Who are the unnamed and named female characters in the Talmud?  How are they portrayed?

We have options to pay for entire year or just per series (there are 4 series in the year):

1.         Entire Year Course + 1 bonus class (17 classes)
Non-Members: $700/person or $900/couple
Members: $550/person or $700/couple

2.         One Series of 4 classes
Non-Members: $192
Members: $150

*Payment plans are available for both payment options.  Please contact
Pay via Paypal or send checks made payable to Bay Ridge Jewish Center, 405 81st Street, Brooklyn, NY 11209.

Class Options

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